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Founded in 1992

Company Profile

Haining Banqiu Interlining Co., Ltd. is a outstanding China Hot Melt Adhesive Web Manufacturers and OEM Hot Melt Adhesive Web factory, producing Hot Melt Adhesive Web for high-grade clothing. We are located in the world-famous tide resort--Haining. It is between Shanghai and Hangzhou----With only 1.5 hours drive from Shanghai Pudong Airport and 1hour from Hangzhou Xiaoshan airport. The company has industrial professional equipment, including interlining coating process: double dot method, paste dot method, powder dot method, scatter dot method and thermal transfer method; The skilled workers and rich production experience on interlining, making BANQIU interlining rapidly among the best manufacturers in China, our wholesale Hot Melt Adhesive Web exported to Europe, Africa, and Asia. Our main product Banqiu series of fusible interlining, through the Oeko-Tex Standard 100.BANQIU products are being developed to have hi-tech, functional features, healthcare, and environment-friendly characteristics, providing our customers a safe, ecological, high quality, reliable products.



Industry knowledge about this item

Hot melt adhesive web is a type of adhesive that is used in a variety of applications, including packaging, bookbinding, and laminating. It is a solid at room temperature, but it becomes a liquid when heated, allowing it to be easily applied to a variety of surfaces.
Hot melt adhesive web is typically made from synthetic polymers, such as polyolefins or polyamides, which are known for their strong bonding properties and resistance to heat and moisture. It is applied using a hot melt adhesive applicator, which heats the adhesive to a liquid state and then dispenses it onto the surface. The adhesive cools and solidifies as it cools, forming a strong bond with the material.
Hot melt adhesive web is known for its fast bonding speed and strong holding power. It is often used in applications where a strong, permanent bond is required, such as in packaging and bookbinding. It is also a popular choice for laminating, as it can be easily applied and provides a smooth, even finish.